work examples

Here are some work examples, both recent and old. To bring context, a brief explaination is provided for each piece. The displayed works are chosen to show a representative selection of what I do on a day-to-day basis. The majority of work is within handling and producing contents for Facebook ad accounts, but I also provide and administer full user journeys for a couple of businesses.

1. PwC / Internet of People

Recruiting campaigns for through Facebook and Linkdin. (via Fullstakk Marketing)

These are recruitment ads for different departments within PWC. They are also produced for different levels of intent. 

No. 1 Is targeted at a small, very attractive market niche. It is a strategic approach to finding bottom funnel candidates, whithout exhausting an allready over-exposed audience.
No. 2 Presents a previously politically charged type of position. The ad argues this has changed, and the position is becoming crucial to business success.
No. 3  Promotes more common position, where task, opportunity and brand are the primary drivers of audience interest. 

These ads, amongst others, exceeded client expectations, and made the recruitment campaigns a success.

2. Aminoblue – Sea Cucumber supplement

Full funnel setup of website, subscribtion solution and advertising

aminoblue-mobile-page aminoblue-case-ad aminoblue-product-ad

This is a typical example of how building a profitable funnel works.

We spent almost a year doing different layouts and messaging before we found the working combination. When established, we managed to find a winning set of Facebook ads that performed well almost instantly. And the two main ads have been running for almost 2 years, delivering a predictable revenue stream together with the webpage.

The page is buildt in WordPress, using a self created theme without any frameworks applied to it. The subscribtion is connected through Stripe, and a payment plugin.

The user interface is coded manually, and the page uses a few plugins for security and form submissions. All in all a very fast and reliable page at low cost.

3. Vertikal Helse – health insurance

Basic brand/sales ads through Facebook (via Fullstakk Marketing)

Facebook Annonse Vertikal Helse - Arne Facebook Annonse Vertikal Helse - Lars Facebook Annonse Vertikal Helse - Svein Erik

Ads that deliver results over time, with minimal ad fatigue

These ads have been active for approx 18 months, and show little to no sign of ad fatigue. These are top funnel ads, designed to invoke strong emotions, and also qualify the users. Even though they are top funnel ads, they have consistantly provided both soft conversions and sales at only approx 2x the cost of search. 

Fun fact: The post texts all contain more than 3800 characters.

Automedia AS – Auto leasing

Webpage upgrade

Automedia phone preview Automedia screen preview

A fast and effective lead generating page

Preview from the new Automedia Car leasing service. The pages are produced using Webflow, with FinSweet sorting and filter JS framework. It is fast, reliable, and allows for some pretty cool functionality without having to code.

The page is set up as lead funnel, delivering leads to HubSpot, a Google Sheet as backup, and notifications through Zapier.

Also, Webflow is a kickass SEO platform.