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Why controversy can be good for your campaigns, explained with examples.

Some years ago, while promoting a high end real Estate service, I stumbled over how arguments can positively affect performance.

One ad triggered heated activity from a controversial phrase. By 100 comments+, most negative, I panicked and turned it off.

Checking numbers a week later, it had heavy engagement, and more conversions than all other ads combined.

So I started experimenting with controversy in other accounts. And after some trial and error it worked.

My prime example is in marketing a door-to-door frozen fish sales service.

The trigger is simply claiming that our frozen fish has the best quality and lowest prices.

Our target audience understands that We compare prices with competing door-to-door frozen fish sellers.

But data shows, that a lot of people don’t, and instead compare to supermarket prices.

This was actually enough to spur a never ending stream of comments, which in turn spreads the ad at a fraction Of the ad cost.

Several Ads in this account has been live for 18 months+, and are delivering improved performance as time goes.

Fun fact: After reviewing comments and checking out the worst trolls to consider wether to block or not, I noticed several new clients were on the trolls frendslist.

How’s that for social media impact?

Now, go figure out how you can provoke ????