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Size doesn´t matter, right?


In Facebook ads, I mean. It´s the wrong question, and here is why.

You may as well ask how big a fish is, or where is the end of the circle.

A surprisingly common belief is that all ads should be short and direct to the point.

This works if your product/service is easily recognised, and supported by a known well known brand.

If not, you will have to put in some work.

Trust is hard to build, and you will not get married to a stranger by spewing 5 words slogans all day, every day, no matter how long you keep it up.

If your product/service has some complexity, and your brand is unknown, most users will require an explaination, even if the outcome is both simple and compelling.

In my accounts (Finance, SaaS & education), long form ads consistantly outperforms short form when going for top- and midfunnel audiences.

It allows the user to know more, without being sent through a range of funnels or aggressive landingpages.
– The purpose being to inform and educate.

Short form works great for building traffic, and powerful reminders in retargeting.
– The purpose here is to spark interest and remind or convince.

Content length is a tool, not a strategy.
– It may or may not work for your niche, but i suggest you give it a try.