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It´s like they don´t WANT you to buy.

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Even after the enforcement of IOS14, I see LOTS of businesses ignoring the importance of kick ass landing page copy.

Either, the ad promise does not align, relevant information is missing from the page, or the landing page is littered with corporate jibberish, rendering it useless for the visitor.


This provides opportunity for those willing to do the work.

And this where Facebook can be REALLY helpful.


Just take the value prop or offer from your landingpage, and test it through a few ads.

Then apply the winner to the landing page. Rinse and repeat, easy peasy.

This can be done with pretty much any part of the copy.

There are of course a lot of other variables to consider, but this works really well for optimizing offers.

It´s low cost, low risk and fast landing page copy testing.

For more in depth knowledge on landing page copy, check out Harry Drys Marketing Examples, or Sean Voslers book “7 figure marketing copy”.

I´ll provide a couple of tracking/attribution tips in my next post.

Until then, happy landings 🙂