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How to significantly increase CTRs with anonymization


It is one of the easiest ways you can increase your CTRs, and it helped me lift page visits from a few hundred a month, to many thousands within the same budget.

Newspapers often, and skillfully anomymise people in the headlines, and add a tabloid situation that the readers likely will want to read.

Typical examples are:
“Man, 32 from Bergen, barely survived toiletfire”, or “Swedish grandma, 56, found herself naked on the beach in Ibiza. What happened next will shock you!”

We use the same approach in our ad headlines, but instead of the tabloid angle, we attribute a desired outcome to the persona.

Anonymisation2 Anonymisation1

Headline #1 calls out the audience by age, region, gender and professional demographic, and by adding the outcome as well, we connect this specific audience to our message.

That’s pretty impressive from one sentence alone, don´t you think?

This way, Facebook (and other platform) are given better data on who engages in the ads, and will deliver better audiences which in turn lowers costs and expands your reach.

Now it is yours to play with.

Just go easy on the tabloid 🙂