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How to preview your LinkedIn posts for free, and without software

It always bugged me, the post preview function. Mainly because there isn’t one (at least in the free version). But I found an easy way.

This led me to update the posts after setting them live, which to someone having worked for years in print provokes a panic reflex.

(Turns out this is actually not negative according to my traffic)

But still, how could I do this?

I searched for it with no results, other than expensive cross media publishing solutions.

Then I noticed that I could publish in groups.

So I created a group containing only me.

Now I can preview all I want, not to mention having hidden posts published, for later “I told you so” effect when you make a claim on a bet, and it works out.

I’m sure you experienced users allready knew this, but this made me feel super clever for a few hours.

If you find this helpful, let me know 🙂