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Has IOS14 destroyed Facebook ads?

We mustn't panic

Advertisers and agencies across the board are seeing conversion drops, rising CPMs and attribution models falling apart.

So.. is it time to panic?

No, not at all.

With IOS14, Facebook Ads have just become an opportunity for those willing to adjust.

Here are my suggestions to leverage the change.

1. Invest in ad copy. If provided relevant and engaging ads, Facebook will continue to deliver superior audiences.

2. Do the extra work to find relevant, scroll-stopping imagry/videos.

3. Prioritize landing page copy to secure conversions.

4. Track your sources manually, like in the digital stone age (2010).

5. Install Facebook conversion API. This will let you track up to 8 conversions without the pixel.

6. Consider prompting users to submit their email to be allowed to browse your page.

7. And finally, DO NOT be boring. This is the godfather of all social media sins.

Relevance and entertainment has always won on social. And it will be even more important in the time to come.

As my suggestions are not quickfixes, I will post a litte more on each subject.

If you have other ideas on how to utilize IOS14, I would love to know.