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Did you know that we all are highly skilled experts?

Any of us can recognize a boring or irrelevant ad in less than 2 seconds!

That is a remarkable skill level held by a large number of people.

If we see a boring/bad ad too often, we even report it.

These reports can be death to any campaign.

Generalist long-sentenced B2B ads, using complex wording about their product or solution features are especcially at risk.

It is the modern day offensive telemarketer, interrupting your precious time.

The social networks considers this user abuse, and punishes it with high CPMs and low reach.

Everyone on Social media is a person, not a corporate list-checking purchase robot (almost).

And with a considerable data loss at hand, poor worded ads will drain your budget for nothing.

So what can you do?

  • Be human.
  • Dare to take a stand.
  • Speak as you would like to be spoken to.
  • Use an ad agency or a copywriter to spice up the message.
  • Or really anything to avoid being boring.

Being boring is expensive, intrusive, irrelevant, and worse, it gets forgotten.