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Create outstanding ads in a highly competitive niche

comparing images

One of these images produced 350+ refinancing applications in 45 days, the other 0. Which one do you think?

It was number 2.

Refinancing is a tremendously competitive market. There is a lot of money to be made, and the players are usually well-funded businesses, like banks, agents and financial institutions.

And in Norway, the market is relatively small, but never the less, a growing sector. New banks and agents are popping up by the month, so needless to say, penetrating this market is hard.

But not impossible.

As the illustration reveals, the one ad has delivered a substancial amount of leads, at 4-5 times below the industry standard cost.


Because it speaks to a very specific painpoint every target user recognizes with agony.

* * *

Showing the audience within 2 seconds insight in where and why it hurts, builds trust.

Trust is important to build personal connections.

Also adding a little humor brings in an extra human dimension.

– Which in this case led the advertiser stand out in a comparativly greed-driven, corporate wall of faceless financial institutions.

These are key factors when the users make their choice.