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All white men 40+ are evil

Or… how to spark debate and get increased exposure on Facebook.

Politicians are experts at this, and use it to get media coverage, simply by having so much impact that they cannot be ignored.

You ever wondered how they get these endless streams of social reactions?

Or maybe you are afraid to overstep your mandate as a marketer by getting angry users?

Yes, we´ll get to that further down.

But HOW is it done?

The structure is really simple.

1. Address two target audiences with the same message. – One for sales, and the other for debate.
2. Make a statement polarising the groups
3. Stand by the claim.

We currently use this teqnique for 3 clients, and they get traffic at roughly 1/6 of the avg. cost, with conversion rates approx 15-20% higher.

The challenge is to find a message that polarises without creating rage.

Our working claims as of today are simply price vs quality, audience fit, and situational callouts.

Of course, some are mad, and will always troll, but the people who needs and wants to buy from you see through it.
But we found that several customers are on the friendlist of the worst trolls.

That is true power of social media.