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1000% monthly memberships increase without higher spending


We saw a 517% CPA drop from kr 1500 to kr 290, ($177 to $34,27) in less than 3 months. Here is how you can do it.

The process is not hard:

1. Headline
Assuming you got the users attention, you need a hook to build interest.

A good hook could frame a problem, and addresses the main buying objection, like this:
«Foreclosure imminent? We can help for free!»

2. Post text visible
This phrase is most important, as it needs to promise what the user wants behind the next click.

Use a combination of these (all if possible):
◾ common bond
◾ challenge
◾ benefit
◾ paintpoint
◾ outcome.

It could look like:
«Accountants using (our software) can easily increase capacity and revenue, without hiring more staff – creating a better workplace»

3. Post text hidden:
– Frame old/current status as bad, and new status with you product/service as good
– Go through features and benefits
– Add social proof
– Address objections like price, complexity or delivery
– Use an active voice call to action, and try to fit in an objection handler: “start your future today, with (XX service), no credit card needed”

Tune in later for landing page copy – with an extra Facebook nugget