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0,07 CTR on my Facebook Ads?! – Just put me out Of my misery ????????

longjump fail

Or, the easiest way to write a hook, without being a writer.

You have a kick ass product, the few customers you have are super happy, and you are seeing some organic growth. You thought it would sell itself, but it didn’t.

And Worse your noone is clicking your Ads

Chances are you need a (better) hook.

A what? ????

A hook.
It is what sparks the users interest in your copy. Usually in the headline or in an image, or both.

So, how do you compose a good hook?

«By addressing your audiences inner conflict.»

The what, the who and the huh?

Translated, it means how to solve their current painpoint without the callenge connected to it.

It could be as simple as this: «Avoid painful rootcanals with our new dental care method»

The inner conflict adressed is the pain from fixing your teeth. ????????

It really is that simple.

Fix the problem without the challenge. ????

The more relevant, the more effective

It won’t Get you a Pulitzer, but it will increase your CTRs.

If you read this far, you should be able to recognize the hook from this post

I wish you a great week and rising clickrates ????